YI Halo VR: the next gen jump camera

YI Halo VR


Google has announced its next generation of Jump camera for virtual reality (VR) in partnership with Xiaomi-backed Yi Technology. Google aims to simplify the VR video capturing with its professional VR platform, Jump.

Jump cameras are specially built for automated video stitching. Combine this with depth data, exposure control, tone mapping, everything that a Jump Assembler provides, you will definitely capture a wonder in VR world. The Jump Assembler can then edit this footage to create three-dimensional 360-degree videos.
Jump has been teaming up with top camera manufacturers around the world to create high-end VR cameras. This time it has collaborated with Chinese action cam maker, YI. Yi Technology is a Xiaomi backed startup. The new Yi Halo camera also works the Jump Assembler for processing the final footage.


YI Halo VR

Yi Halo has 17 Yi 4K cameras. Where 16 are along the ring and one at the top facing up. These cameras enable capturing stereoscopic video with 8K resolution at 30 frames/second and 5.8K resolution at 60 frames/second.

Yi Halo is light and more flexible and weighs only 8 pounds, which is 3.62 kgs. And it comes with a hefty price tag of $16,999. According to the company, it has an internal battery, which can last for 100 minutes of continuous shooting.

Yi Halo also comes with its own Android app which can be used to control the device and gives a live preview of the footage one is recording. The Yi Halo isn’t a VR camera for regular consumers, but geared at filmmakers and professionals. Though it will go on sale in the summer, with some units being made available to a select group of creators.

The biggest hurdles for creators while developing VR content is shooting video that gives a 360-degree experience without a glitch and depth that looks as good as real. Well, the main objective of Jump was to remove these barriers and provide an unforgettable VR film making experience.


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