Why is Windows 10 S a stringent OS?

Windows 10 S

Microsoft Edge is the default web browser on Microsoft 10 S

Among a bundle of surprises this Tuesday, Microsoft has introduced its new OS Windows 10 S. Microsoft mentioned that its primary goal with Windows 10 S is education, but it’s clear this is a strategic move. It is believed to be an answer to Google’s Chrome OS.

The most disappointing part is that this version of Microsoft’s OS comes with a handful of limitations. While the biggest challenge revolves around the browser. Microsoft has atleast improved the first sign-in process of Windows 10 S, with better login times which will help in environments like schools. This step will help prevent malware and unnecessary app helpers from running at boot up

Windows 10 S is relatively locked down for any change

With Windows 10 S, all apps are required to be installed via the Windows Store which is a terrible thing. It comes with a tight security with restrictions on some apps. According to Microsoft any browser can be used on the OS but only if it’s in the Windows Store. Currently, all major browsers like Firefox and Google Chrome are found to be missing. This basically leaves users with Microsoft’s Edge, their default browser. It’s a pretty annoying change for those who use Google on a regular basis.

Windows 10 S

Microsoft will support alternative browsers in the Windows Store, but Windows 10 S users won’t be able to alter their default browser. That means if you click on a link from an app in Windows 10 S then you’ll be forced into Microsoft’s Edge browser. That’s similar to Google’s Chrome OS, which only lets you use Chrome as the browser. Microsoft has locked down Microsoft Edge to work only with Bing in Windows 10 S.

Overall, Windows 10 S will be a test for Microsoft to provide better and secure experience of Windows. While Windows has always been liberal to desktop apps, its attempt to move to Windows 10 S would be a risky choice. Anyhow this version is replete with many improvements and could be successful in sectors like education.