Windows 10 Cloud: The delusion of a “Cloud OS”


Yes, Windows 10 Cloud the new version of Windows 10, is not really a ‘cloud OS’ as we might have wondered. Although it is going to be a much safer version of its predecessor, it might have functionalities that are not compatible with some users. It should be out for use by the mid of this year.

No more alien sites

It was easy to download apps and games from the internet till now, this version, however, is locked to the Windows Store. Windows 10 will refuse to put in software unless it is from the Windows Store. There is no possible way to turn off this feature, however. This is mainly beneficial for college kids, who Windows 10 Cloud is broadly aiming at. There’s no actual “cloud” detail to this model of Windows 10 while it is possible that Microsoft will push some additional features of OneDrive in its Windows 10 Cloud version. It is likely that Microsoft will provide Windows 10 Cloud as a free model of Windows 10 for hardware makers. The intention would be to preload onto low-quit devices, or perhaps even excessive-cease ones if the hardware maker chooses.

There’s a myth that because Windows 10 Cloud is locked to the Windows Store, it is technically a lighter version of Windows 10. That’s no longer real because it nonetheless has the potential to run complete Win32 applications just like some other edition of Windows 10. As lengthy as the software program is available in the Windows Store, it’ll run on Windows 10 Cloud.

Amidst all these changes, one thing that will remain the same is the look. While Windows has focused more on the Microsoft Office features and we might find them by default on the Start screen. It is yet to be discovered how different this version is from the original Windows 10.
The main objective of Windows 10 Cloud will be its use in Chromebooks for schools and other educational institutions. It might look restrictive to many but we anticipate this version to be much useful to handle use of software in educational institutes. Let’s find out by ourselves soon.