Try out the new Paint 3D


New Paint for the New Generation

Paint has been looked at largely the same for decades. Microsoft with Windows 10 Creators Update has bought a revamped and modernized Paint app in the town. It is designed to make 3D object creation easy across devices with a regular mouse and keyboard, touchscreens, and stylus input. Paint 3D adds an extra dimension to casual image creation. While the old Paint also remains available in Windows for those who cling to 2D ways. You might think 3D modeling would be too complex for novices! But put that worry aside: It’s simple enough for anyone to use. Until now Microsoft was letting Windows Insiders test out an early version of Paint 3D.

Though it shares a name, Paint 3D isn’t really like the familiar Microsoft Paint app at all. Paint 3D’s entire purpose is to create fun, cartoony 3D objects, and scenes—and share them. A major part of Paint 3D’s appeal is the Remix 3D community, where you and other members can import, edit, then share digital objects and ideas, taking from and providing inspiration to your fellow digital artists.

When you start selecting an area of a 2D image, Magic Select becomes an option. It is similar to the Magic Wand tool in Photoshop, which lets you cut out a person from a background. It’s not quite as automatic and accurate as Adobe’s tool. You can fine tune selection with an eraser or add to it after initial selection. Like the old Paint, Paint 3D is lacking when it comes to basic photo editing tools like brightness, contrast, and color tuning. However, you can still draw on images, rotate them, and crop them.

One cool feature is, you can download stickers from the community. When you apply a sticker to a 3D object, it wraps around the object like paint. You can view your creation by tapping on the rewind clock icon. It will replay your steps in creating it. You can even export a movie of this process.

Chances are that you haven’t seen Paint 3D yet—but you will. Microsoft first launched the app in conjunction with the Windows 10 Creators Update and Surface Studio announcements last fall. The app has remained accessible to Insiders only since then. If you’re running an Insider build, there’s really no reason not to download it from the Store and try it out.