The battle for storage

Source : Google
Source : Google

Hard drive or cloud storage? Have you ever had this internal debate?

This article doesn’t give you a winner but lays out the pro and cons of both the contenders so you can decide for yourself.But first here is a brief introduction about both.


Cloud storage is defined as “the storage of data online in the cloud,” wherein a company’s data is stored in and accessible from multiple distributed and connected resources that comprise a cloud. Basically a simple and scalable way to store, access, and share data over the Internet.

Hard drive on the other hand is a hard disk drive is a non-volatile memory hardware device that permanently stores and retrieves information.Now let’s cut to the chase.

Cloud Storage has its share of advantages that include

1)Allowing you to access your files anywhere.

The benefit that tops the list is the ability to access your files no matter where you are in the world via the Internet on your phone, PC or tablet.

2) Cloud storage services and encrypt your files securely.

Cloud storage services employ their own security measures to keep your data safe from third parties so you don’t have to take these measures.

3)Ease of sharing files.

Most cloud storage services allow you to select files or folders and share them with colleagues, friends and family.

4) Cloud storage can be cheap.

If your storage needs are minimal, there are some free services available.

Hard drives have this to offer

1) Security

The number one advantage of a physical drive over the cloud is far less vulnerability for hackers. You are in control of security or encryption. Because it is a physical device in your possession, you are the only one to have access to your files. This may be especially important if you maintain confidential client information on your computer.

2) External hard drives are easily affordable.

Storage prices are decreasing. You can get an external drive to back up the bulk of your files for a few bucks. Need more storage? Add another device. For business, you can have separate storage for clients, work groups or business sectors, making it a very flexible solution.

3)Much faster rate of file transfer

Whether you’re backing up an HD video, photos or large groups of files, the transfer rate is far superior to current cloud services, even with fast Internet speeds.

4)Hard drives are a one-time investment.

An external drive is a one-time…or at least a periodic purchase. And you can buy a drive that suits your needs without signing up for a service.

The facts have been laid bare. What’s your pick?