Ready to buy One plus one on 20 Jan without an invite


Tired of waiting for an One Plus One smartphone invite, all your prayers for your favorite mobilephone will be answered for a short time on 20 Jan 2015. As the company One Plus never expected such an overwhelming response from the people around the globe, which was intially planned only to release in china. They implemented an invite system for the too good to be true price tag of $299 for 16GB variant & $349 for 64GB  variant for the one plus one. Due to its lack of production ability, the company only managed to sell less than 1 million device in the year 2014 and was receiving tremendous amount of feedback to make the device to be avaialble just like any other  regular smartphone device.

And now, the company has announced that the one plus one is now all set to go on a quick sale on Jan 20 2015 only for the span of 2 Hours timed 7 – 9 PM across Asia / Europe / and North America. If you are a person, who was anticipating this flagship killer. All you have to do is head to the One plus website and be ready for the count down timer to end and check out your device within 2 hours on Jan 20 2015. The reason i am emphasizing the duration several times is just because once you loose this opportunity you might really be left out with the option to wait for few more months or wait for its upcoming latest smartphone one plus two expected to be released this year 2015.