Mother’s Day Surprise from Google

    MOther's DAy

    Mother’s Day is around the corner and many of us have planned some surprise for our mothers. Well! Google has a surprise for moms too. The company has launched a new feature in Google Photos that allows you to turn pictures with your mom into a cutesy little movie that you can show her.

    If you keep images backed up from other devices or have a good collection of family pictures in Google Photos already, this is a simple and easy tool to create something to make mom smile. But you might still want to get her something else on the side or plan to spend time with her on the day. I don’t think my mom will be that impressed with a video featuring two pictures of us together, and a bunch of us separately

    The feature is pretty easy to use. Google Photos will give you a list of faces it recognizes, and you can choose your mother’s photo. You can then pick her children, including yourself and any siblings you have. It automatically chooses the best photos of the mother and children and sets it all to music to make a personalized movie. Once you have chosen the different people to appear in the movie, the movie itself will pop up in the Google Photos Assistant tab. You will not be able to edit the images picked for the movie so, hopefully, it will turn out well.

    People can make these movies for anyone they want, not just their own mom. You can also pick someone else’s picture and make a movie with them. Or you can make movies for your friends with their moms.

    The feature is especially helpful for those who use Google Photos actively — as there will be a bigger and hopefully better selection of images for Google Photos to choose from. If you have fewer pictures of your mother in your gallery then it might absurdly pick any picture and create a movie. You have to personally pick your mother in that case. You could, of course, upload your own images to the website solely to create this movie, too.

    To make a Mother’s Day video for yourself, simply head to and hit the “Get Started” button.