Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour Review


Modern Combat is really Gameloft’s solution to the Modern Warfare line of games, then again to be unbiased they have systematically been able to provide ample bombastic thrills for a comparatively lower price tag. The game performance has additionally turned out to be bettering with each and every new edition and fortunately Zero Hour keeps up its brand continuity. Modern Combact 4: Zero Hour is accessible on both Android and iOS devices and we got the iOS model for our gaming review.



The back storyline continues to be as absurd as it ever might have been. This time around it’s about terrorists commencing large numbers of synchronised strikes across the globe and kidnapping the president. Nonetheless, the campaign mode have been tightened up marginally. It still features amazing set pieces, yet fortunately, the missions tend to be more minimal and not as much monotonous. You will discover a little terrain and also airborne vehicle sequences to split up the gameplay, and you likewise get to play as both the heroes and terrorists. The Quick Time-style occasions also feel better coordinated into the amusement and portrays less bumping.


The battle mode is certainly a great deal of fun. However, what will eventually hold you returning to the game for quite a long time to come is its multiplayer mode. You could enroll in 12-player deathmatches or then again collaborate with others in the objective-based modes. There are a lot of varieties to the conventional play modes – eight altogether – and the maps are quite distinct.


The graphics are extravagant, but Gameloft has clearly made a few bargains on the resolution front to keep the frame rate running at relatively sleek. Especially on the 3rd era iPad the image resolution was undoubtedly not executing at a Retina intensity. You could potentially see a lot of serrated borders and smudged details, for instance. It’s not considerably annoying though, considering that you’re actively playing it on an iPhone the smaller sized display can make this substantially less evident.


The handles are still sometimes a tad of a trouble. You will find a gyroscope mode that you could facilitate for motion, nonetheless to tell the truth we couldn’t truly proceed with it as we realized it turned out more an annoyance than an assist. Modern Combat 4 is not the 1st iOS FPS to experience these kinds of difficulties and one does get comfortable with the traditional touch controls eventually .

Modern Combat 4 Zero Hour Verdict

It’s not the best unique concept around, yet its enormous set piece, powerful graphics, solid campaign and multiplayer modes make Modern Combat a must have game for iOS fans.

Downloads: Google Play Store / Apple iTunes