Make your screen dance to your touch with the AirBar



We believe the community of devoted MacBook Air users will welcome this new product, as AirBar for MacBook Air will surely enhance the user-experience of an already great product. Our goal for AirBar continues to be expanding its application to more devices, across even more markets.

-Remo Behdasht

AirBar Senior Vice President

For as cheap as $99 AirBar transforms your laptop into a touchscreen. You don’t have to buy a Surface Pro or a Spectre x360 to own this feature anymore. AirBar does a magic to make your laptop and makes it respond to your touch. Well! That’s amazing. If you were planning on buying the MacBook Pro just for its touchscreen, then stop and read this out. AirBar is a tiny strip that plugs into the USB port on your PC (now including the MacBook Air) and turns non-touch displays into touch-friendly devices.

AirBar is the parent company that bought this product to life. It is more like an accessory to your laptop that gives your 15.6-inch screen a more tactile function. It feels natural, and there wasn’t any discernible lag in the demo model at CES. At CES they have been testing on a 13.3-inch MacBook Air. Right now, there’s only the one size for one Apple laptop, but the plan is to expand the line with more sizes that accommodate more computers. The company calls the device “plug-and-touch”. Literally, it is as simple as that.

Computing power isn’t progressing as fast as it used to be. Users are still holding on to older laptops longer than ever before. AirBar wanted to give an enhanced experience to the users by upgrading a normal laptop to a touchscreen device.

The installation is quite easy. You need to put a couple of magnets on the laptop to hold the AirBar in place. Once that’s done, all you have to do it plug it into a USB port. The device emits a light field over the display to pick up your touch navigation, pinch-to-zoom and scrolling gestures. You’ll have to remove it to completely close your laptop, but the addition of touch with a relatively painless install makes a solid case for this add-on. You can also use a physical object to handle input, something like a stylus or even a paintbrush.

The AirBar is available at Amazon. It is one of those accessories will add style and value to your PC and that too at a minimum cost of $99. So, what are you waiting for?