Facebook will help people make money through Piracy

Video Piracy

For a long time, video makers have been suffering because of Piracy in all media platforms. Be it YouTube or Facebook, videos and images get pirated almost every second. In a situation so intense, video owners have only two options, either to take down the video or let the pirated version stay along with the original version.

Facebook’s Right’s Manager

To combat this situation YouTube has introduced “Content ID” to protect its video creators. The same technology has been used by Facebook to develop “Rights Manager”. Facebook introduced the “Rights Manager” last year to prevent piracy. But creators would have to manually take action every time a video was matched, which would be a pain if your video gets pirated by multiple sources. Starting yesterday, Facebook is letting creators automate actions so that they can prevent pirated content from spreading more quickly.

This is an initiative by Facebook to give a chance to video creators to make some money when others on the network pirate their content without permission.

Rights Manager provides creators with four automated options:
1. Blocking any matched content from being uploaded in the first place
2. Claiming a share of ad earnings from pirated videos
3. Monitoring video metrics, which allows owners to see how a video is performing and potentially take a different action later
4. Manual Review, which lets you handle videos on a case by case basis, as before
Although Facebook isn’t clarifying how it’s determining what share of ad earnings the original content owner gets. While it is clear that video owners will generate revenue from the mid-roll ads that run during their pirated video. Hence the original content creators will benefit from their pirated videos.
Creators won’t want to hand over their videos if there’s no way to protect them, or at least monetize them. It’s an important step taken by Facebook, which wants to be a premium video destination. This is the reason why it is pushing Rights Manager at the same time it’s cutting deals with publishers for more premium video content.