Best of Facebook and Youtube – Chrome extensions


1.) Removing “People you may know” from Facebook:

Have you ever wondered, what if you could be able to remove the annoying “People You May Know” suggestions from facebook that shows page to page. The solution for your never ending issue is right here. More often in the facebook forum page, people start a thread for their never ending request from facebook to enable an option for removing People You May Know suggestion completly off from facebook interface. Though Facebook considered it, they didn’t take any initiative to remove it because of its massive positive feedbacks that was received upon its launching. But, now you have a custom Google Chrome extension that does the job just for you.

follow the next step to get started.

Install “Remove People You May Know” extension from this link and voila, check your facebook page now.



Facebook – People You May Know

2.) Photo Zoom for Facebook:

If you have a friend, who’s all about taking selfies and you being tired of the internet connection that takes ages to get into the page – here’s the right extension for you that helps to take a quick peek into any picture from facebook with no buffering.

Install “Photo Zoom for Facebook” extension from this link and you are good to go !


Facebook Photo Zoom

3.) Magic Actions for You Tube:

For all the YouTube video junkies out there, here’s a cool all in one extension to amaze you with its extraordinary features.

1.) scroll volume controller ( from next time all you have to do is scroll up or down to crank the volume up and down )

2.) auto resolution setter ( which helps you to stick with a single resoultion from 240 through 5k, without changing it everytime when you watch a video )

3.) hiding ads for YouTube

4.) enabling auto wide

5.) speed boosting for better video buffering

6.) enlarging thumbnail

7.) hiding video annotations and much much more.

Add “Magic Actions for YouTube” from this link and you are done.


Youtube – Magic Actions

4.) Ratings Preview for YouTube:

Are you a person, who often gets fooled by a video’s thumbnail in YouTube, just to discover what a total waste of your time, trust me you are not alone. This “Ratings Preview for YouTube” chrome extension shows a bar of likes and dislikes under every video thumbnail, thus giving you an option of viewing the ratings of the video even before actually watching them and to assist you to spot the good ones.

Here’s the step to get started:

click from this link to enable “Ratings Preview for YouTube


YouTube – Ratings Preview