Tuesday, October 17, 2017


All about Technology


AMD’s Computex is going to be a grand event

While members of AMD have marked their calendars for Computex, the annual tech convention in Taipei, rumors are that the company will be providing new details on its 2017 products. It...

SpaceX to launch broadband satellites in 2019

Satellites will function like a mesh network and deliver gigabit speeds   SpaceX today said its planned constellation of 4,425 broadband satellites will launch from the Falcon 9 rocket beginning in 2019 and continue...

Hidden Bug In Intel Core Machines For The Past 9 Years

On 1 May, Intel's security center confirmed that a "critical" privilege vulnerability affects its Intel Standard Manageability (ISM), Intel Small Business Technology, and Active Management Technology (AMT) firmware. The flaw resides...

Things you should know before buying Bitcoins

Bitcoin is a hotbed of Innovation What is a Bitcoin? Bitcoin is a digital currency, created and held electronically. It is like conventional dollars, euros, and yen, which is traded digitally. They are...
Chrome OS

Chromebook Pro And Chrome OS Apps Are To Be Delayed

One year ago, Google has announced that applications for Android will be able to function directly on the new Chrome OS. However, when it got launched it was a pretty rough...
Windows 10 S

Why is Windows 10 S a stringent OS?

Microsoft Edge is the default web browser on Microsoft 10 S Among a bundle of surprises this Tuesday, Microsoft has introduced its new OS Windows 10 S. Microsoft mentioned that its primary...

Try out the new Paint 3D

New Paint for the New Generation Paint has been looked at largely the same for decades. Microsoft with Windows 10 Creators Update has bought a revamped and modernized Paint app in the...

Wireless Charging Plug-in by BMW

The system includes visual feedback and instructions for the driver via the in-car infotainment dash display BMW's newest hybrid electric vehicle, the BMW 530e iPerformance is projected to hit the markets in...

Is FaceApp racist?

It’s all the rage online this week, but there are some things that are wrong about FaceApp If you've been on social media lately you may have noticed some of your friends...
Apple Self driving car

Apple and Tesla propose change in the self-driving car rules

Apple has a long way to catch up in self-driving technology Call them what you like: self-driving cars, autonomous vehicles, auto piloted rides. The bottom line is that they are changing the...
All-in-One Messenger

The one Messenger for All

Are you someone who is obsessed with chatting and uses multiple platforms to connect with people? If yes, then stay tuned because we have some good news for you. Forget switching...

Beware of the ‘Lyrebird’

An algorithm was being developed by a Montreal-based AI startup called ‘Lyrebird’. It has taken voice imitation technology to a new horizon. According to the team it can not only mimic...