Night Terrors is an Augmented Reality survival horror game

Source : Google
Night terrors AR game
Source : Google


Night terrors is an augmented reality, survival horror game for your smart phone that provides an immersive gaming experience that turns your surroundings into your biggest nightmare.It’s a highly immersive, photorealistic, binaural, augmented reality survival horror game wherein gameplay takes place at home, after dark, with the lights off and your headphones on.

The system understands where you are in your environment, where the walls, ceiling and floors exist, making the ghost placement much more realistic and believable to the player.Night terrors controls what you see, what you hear, and where you go. Your device’s LED is all the light you get. The camera and microphone feeds are analysed and processed in real time.

Novum Analytics the Developer of Night terrors has taken an unconventional approach with their venture by adopting a unique graphical style by dropping the traditional concept of 3D modelling, and have chosen to use physical effects in an attempt to make the game more realistic.While the storyline is still a work in progress with the player looking to save a girl trapped by ghosts there are enough interesting elements to make ‘Night Terrors’ a terrifying experience.

The release estimate was said to be June 2016 but there is still quite a way to go before the game hits the markets with the initial version only applicable for iPhone. The developers are aiming to release the game for Android and Windows in the future. While their promise of a release this year is not solid, let’s hope the exciting project lives up to its promises and expectations.